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Mother’s Day Celebration at Le Bistro Parisien

On 8th May 2011, we celebrated Mother’s Day at Le Bistro Parisien in Haji Lane. Frankly it was the first time that I ever entered that lane. Really quaint and quiet. It secludes you from the outside “world”. You wouldnt believe the hustle and bustle that was going on beyond the lane.

The restaurant is small and cosy. We sat on the second floor and the walls were adorned with P Ramlee movie posters. The people were nice. The Chef Mr Jean Nordin spent a lot of time with us conversing. It was a delight to here the many experiences he had. He is a Singaporean who use to stay in Toa Payoh. At a young age, he travelled the world and spend most of his life in Europe. He is back for good, for now. His motto, live happily.

The food servings on the menu were huge. Without a kids menu, I requested the Chef what would be ideal for my kids. He came up with something and the kids lapped it up. The mushroom soup was tastetastic!

Here are just a few videos. First one Amirul when hunger strikes;

Family devouring mushroom soup. My wife couldnt care less about the video taking. If you look caerfully, you can see soup drooling corner of her mouth.

Dancing with wife. Kids decided to ambush this one.

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