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2010 World Cup

World cup is here again. although its something exciting to look forward to, at times it makes u feel old. four years of your life would be gone when the next one arrives.

i have not been following the friendlies closely as i feel that its more experimentation. thus play will be slow and jagged. i do not foresee any rythmn. i expect teams to go for a small margin win to boost their morale and then hold back to save against injuries.

further, i let the family enjoy the tv before i take over…muahahahaha

these would probably be the schedule;
watch world cup games at 7.30pm, 10.00pm and then 2.30am….sleep…wake up, brunch and watch replays…sleep…wake up, dinner…watch world cup games…

phew, tiring…

as always, i will deck my cupboard wall with posters of the world cup schedule. i have three; from the new paper, from starhub and another from the magazine. will definitely buy a magazine every tournament. courtesy of the mrs.

ive entered my prediction on the new paper schedule. you guys should get the starhub poster. its detailed in all games yet comprehensive in design. all u have to do is fill them up.

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