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2QF : Uruguay vs Ghana

Second Quarter Final Uruguay vs Ghana World Cup 2010Ghana was holding the torch for the whole of Africa. Among all the african teams, they were the likeliest to progress as they had a better teamwork attitude. Ghana can get better is they would be able to get Gyan to work with them instead of going for glory most of the time. In the second quarterfinal of this edition of World Cup, Ghana were up against Uruguay. Muntari, his first start for Ghana after he could have sent home earlier in the tournament, scored for Ghana from near midfield. A powerful shot on goal swerved into goal.

A lapsed in the Ghanian defence saw Uruguay equalised to take the game into extra time. Ghana had better chances throughout but were poor in the final third. Uruguay were not able to to control midfield and they had decided to make long puns to suarez and forlan, both which were kept quiet.

In the last minute of the extra time, Ghana got a penalty after Suarez had clearly punched a sure goal. However Gyan struck the top bar. The game ended and moved into penalties. Gyan started off the penalty taking and atoned his mistake. However, two other players, Mensah – who think he is socrates, took a short run and hit the ball. His body angle was enough to convince the keeper that he would kick to his left which he did. On top of that, it was feeble.

Qadiyah, 20yr old Ghana, also missed from the spot. Sebastian Abreu had to calm his nerve when he had the opportunity to seal the semi final passage for Uruguay. He did it by chipping coolly in the center of the goal. Kingston had made the decision to dive early. If only he had stayed on his feet a little longer.

Gyan was unconsolable in the end. If only his penalty during the last minute of extra time had gone in, it would have been the first african semi-final excursion in the world cup. The gravity of the position must have gotten to him. I mean baggio and pearce missed theirs during their time.

Im impressed with Kevin Prince Boateng’s performance. Hard and mostly unselfish. He is physically hard and were the conduit between defence and attack. His quick goal USA in the Round 16 was a wonderful strike from afar. It took everyone by surprise.

Another Ghanaian player im impressed with his the 20 year old Samuel Inkoom. He has been exciting, confident, calm and effective as right back.

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