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Kranji Primary School FOX 2012 Game 2 : KPS 3 – 3 Vietnam B

Kranji Primary School Football Overseas Exchange Vietnam 2012This is Game 2 that was played at 2.30pm, under somewhat cooling heat as compared to the morning game. We met the same team we met earlier in the morning. However, some of the players were different. They did add a couple more older players. I take that as a complement. They had older players earlier but had difficulty getting pass our stout defence.

Everyone played above themselves in this game and I am so proud of their valour. As in the first game, we were leading. In fact we were leading 2 nil by half time. We succumbed and drew 2-2 and then they took the lead 2-3. The boys didnt give up and gave their all. At a couple of minutes before full time, we made it 3-3.

Nur Hakim and Afiqin stood out in this game. Both were consistent in both games. And so the school awarded Afiqin Man of the Match for the first game and Hakim for the second. I feel that it was a good touch by the school to awarded them with medals.

Tomorrow will be another day. I understand that it will be on a bigger and wider field. And its grass. So we are hoping for the best. Im glad to say also that no one vomitted after the second game unlike the first game. The weather must have gotten to them and it must be tiring under the searing heat. They are also not eating properly hence I had a mini-lesson on eating right to aide their digestion. I hope they bring this over after this so that they be better when tournament starts.

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