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Kranji Primary School FOX 2012 Game 3 : KPS 3 – 1 Vietnam C

Kranji Primary School Football Overseas Exchange Vietnam 2012Game 3 was played on a cool Friday morning unlike the scorching heat we experienced the previous day. Unfortunately the field was less to be desired. It was bumpy, patches and some parts the grass was uncut. And to make matters more difficult was that there were no lines and one of the goal post gave way with one shove. So they changed that to slightly smaller goal post. They borrowed our markers to demarcate the boundary of the field. We were up against players of with a mixture of similar and slightly older players.

The game started fidgety as we were finding our rythm. The bumpy field didnt help our passing play as it affected our first touch. But we adapted fast and soon enough got a penalty which Ilham scored. After that we were in control of the game, spreading play and getting into challenges. In the second half, Danish scored our second after connecting brilliantly off an Aziz corner. The third goal was scored after the forwards exerted pressure on the opponent in our own defence and off a cross from Ilham. Final score was 3-1.

For Game 4, unfortunately we couldnt take a video of it because of the rain. Not only were we playing in the same bumpy, and now muddy field, we were up against District 6 Under-15. They were big tall boys. But kudos to our boys for bringing the fight to them. They kept their shape and defended as one. They spread their play and passed the ball around under the difficult conditions. They even made forays of attacks and didnt lose heart even when they were 1-4 down. They kept on going and the last 15 minutes was an excellent exhibition of an undying spirit. The boys kept up the pressure, pressing the opponent in their search for goals to at least draw the game. Alas the game ended 2-4. But to me, they boys were winners.

Below are videos of Game 3.

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