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This has taken me a long time to write. If there was a thing that I fear most is regret.  Regret comes in many forms and Im sure most of us have experienced them. The regret I think of most are stuff I committed to my love ones especially mum and dad.

In my daily routine, certain things happen that brings me back to the old days and sometime it trails to times of actions or words said to them that now when I think of it, I would bang my head or put a middle finger to myself.

Ive kissed their feet, Ive gave whatever money I can spare, I’ve brought them out and gone on a solitary family holiday together.

Last year, I stayed with mum while she battled cancer. Last Friday, I finally fulfilled my ambition of sending dad to Haj.

To all my cousins, nephew and nieces who had underwent my verbal barrage of,

“When you reach my age, you will think about the things you did. And no matter whatever you do, how much money you gave, you can never take it back. you can never make it better”,

it is true.

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