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General Election 2011 Manifesto

I told my wife that I want to be involve in GE 2011. She looked at me at the corner of her eye. Then I said that I will join PKMS because possibility of joining is higher. She stared harder. So I guess I wont join this year’s GE then. No matter, since every party is coming up with a manifesto, I thought I show you mine.



Exemption from Primary 1

I find that some of the things taught in Primary 1 are repetitive although I do agree that a couple of things are new to Amira. These would be spelling and dictation and in maths, public school uses the number bonds and model methods. Since most were learnt when she was in kindergarten, these students should be exempted from Primary 1 and go straight to Primary 2. These will save the student one whole year and for boys, these will ensure they finish NS one year earlier.

Reinstate Primary 1 exams

The idea to do away with primary 1 exams is to relieve the stress associated with it to the child. However I discovered that there were still tests conducted at random and these are over 50 – not 10 or 20. After 3 months, I will get a card with smiley faces to show how well Amira has done. When Amirul was in primary 2 and 3, every mistake, including punctuation, were taken seriously. The teacher then said “We are training them now so that they do not make the same mistake in PSLE”.


Lower new HDB cost

Cost of new flats are rising but salary of individuals are not. Mentioned by the Minister, a $4000 earning couple will be able to afford adequate housing. In actual fact, $3000 should be the number we should look at. How much loan can a couple get with $3000 salary is the question. Add that with grants, there is a possiblity that the couple can get a 3 room flat. Therefore, more 3 room flats should be built. The downside is that with most family, they will bring their elders along. A 3 room flat may not be fitting.

Near parent grant

Right now, only the first near parent grant is allowed. Should allow for second and third child as well. This will allow family to stay nearby one another.

If the parent is living with the child, a higher grant should be offered as the child will need to buy a bigger house with additional rooms.


Higher deposit

Currently, the payment of $100 to enter the casino is like ERP in the morning. It is not enough to deter. I know one way is to increase this amount – thus making the casino richer then it already is. I would suggest have a high deposit which is refunded after they leave. For example, pay $1000 for entry. After they leave, they get back $900. At least there is something for them to bring back home.

Bar entry

All local gamblers living in 3 room flats are not allowed to enter the casino.


Civil Service Employment

Every civil service HR must explain to potential candidate that was denied employment in the applied vocation the reasons for them being unsuccessful. If they had met the criteria stipulated, they deserve to know the reasons for them being unsuccessful so that they can improve themselves.

Car manufacturing factory

This has been debated for years. If my memory serves me right SM Goh mentioned that it was not possible to have a car manufacturing plant because the amount of land required is vast. I really do not know how vast is vast. As vast as MBS or bigger than that?

Since we are into manufacturing, we should have such a plant. This will translate to more jobs locally. There are different components in manufacturing of cars, right from the engine to body to parts. Those ITE students who are educated in automotive repair will have a better job prospect then car workshops who will mostly employ foreigners. Such a plant will also help those national servicemen who were trained in repairing army vehicles. There can be transfer of skills and with our creative mind, we can build better cars. Then it can be sold world wide.

Locally, since Singaporeans love cars, we can keep our money circulating here rather than being transferred out.

So there you have it. At this moment this is all I got as have a number of things to juggle. I read about the independent candidate sought donation online and they got them. Maybe in the next one I would do it. For now, you think I can get your vote?

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