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Going to the 2015 polls

I actually want to write a proper article about Singapore 2015 General Election like how I did previously in 2011. But I had a hectic family day so I’m was just shooting my mouth whenever I get the chance. My apologies for the grammar etc. if it even made sense to you.

APHTEC – is that how it’s spelt?

Seriously I nearly vomited hearing this over and over again. Anyway, it’s my opinion that PAP brought the topic up not for the benefit of the people of Aljunied but more to serve warning for the other GRCs.


It is my opinion that PAP had conceded defeat in this GRC even before the election began given no minister was anchoring the team.

A lot had been discussed and speculated how run down the place would be with no PAP governing the municipal. I’ve been asking on facebook whether anyone had interviewed the constituents of how it had been since the last GE.

Finally, I managed to read an article in the last couple of days which was also picked up by Today. I was surprise to read that the people have embraced Workers Party. Most are comfortable with their “human touch”, prompt actions and visibility in their ward.

I suppose PAP knew this before hand hence their lineup. I read a post early in the election where a grassroot volunteer felt “betrayed?” but definitely disappointed that PAP didn’t send a minister. He mentioned that they are volunteers slogging to canvass for votes only to be left to “fend by themselves”.

Previously the fight was within opposition SMCs. I remember big guns going down Potong Pasir and Hougang to bolster support. If I remember correctly, it was said that PAP will not leave their supporters behind, will fight for their rights. They were proud when they wrestled back Potong Pasir.

However, this is the first for a GRC. The lost and trying to garner back the support somehow must have magnified. I’m unsure at which point they decided that Aljunied was of “lesser priority”. Again, my speculation.


Dr Chee Soon Juan certainly is a different man. I remember years ago talking to my father about him I think after he heckled ESM Goh Chok Tong. Dad says that his behavior was unbecoming of a professor. The man really had a nasty attitude. But this time round he is calmer and none of the fist pumping and character sniping. In fact he went as far as praise PAP ministers. He also said that he was hoping that both sides would meet somewhere in the middle in policies. As I read postings, shares and likes, a lot of people were amazed at his demeanour. Would this sway voters? SDP rallies had seen steady increase in audiences. It could possibly be so.

Im was also impressed with Mr Leon Perera – I hope I got his name right. Very calm, soft spoken and articulate in his delivery. Like a PAP man. Did one fell through PAP’s scouting network?

I fb like Damanhuri’s facebook page to show my support for a malay opposition MP. The only one i fb liked. Well, if I fb like PM Lee Hsien Loong’s page, I should have one on the other side right? Anyway, he comes across as genuine person. A family man. I hope he does well in Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC.

I was in discussion with a couple of fellas. I listen intently to their opinion on candidates. They said that the opposition lack that character, the person that is able to be a member of parliament. I interject at this point to state that likewise for PAP. I said I dont hear them in telly during rallies. When I do hear them on video, they do not exhibit one that is of parliamentary calibre. Apart from Mr Amin Amri (correct?), I dont hear from any other new PAP Malay candidates.

Oh and there was that Malik Sidek fella who deflected a question in Malay. There was hoo haa in FB among Malay community with regard to this. However he surprised us when he spoke in Malay couple of days later during a rally. I wonder if the same happened to our Indian friends when they discovered that their new PAP indian candidates cannot speak tamil.

Talking about Indian friends, we Malay think we the only minority with problem? Indians have them too. I was asked by this Indian fella in some “high powered” group whether there is any Indian in the Singapore national squad. I told him Madhu Mohana. He asked whether Madhu is local born. I replied yes  (I do hope so he is.) I further told him there is a couple more in the younger squad.

He goes on talking about the divorce rates being high in his community. Also that there is a foreign Indian teacher who has been here for 10 years to teach history but unable to set up a quiz on it for secondary school students. I cant remember whether he mentioned the teacher is citizen or PR or not.


A handful gave good rally speeches. Dr Chee, PM Lee, DPM Tharman and of course Mr LTK. A handful or maybe more were horrible. Really dreadful that they made a mockery of themselves. Nonetheles I got to give it to them for stepping up.

I find it shocking that PAP speeches were bent on character sniping of oppositions in their rallies. I dont know if this happened before, especially at this scale. Is the PAP devoid of ideas how to coax people that their policies are good for the people? I wonder if anyone did speak about the policies at all during the rallies. I mean really with conviction instead of “look we have done this and that…”, “its been working…”, “we are continously changing…” and to end it with “for the good future of singaporeans”.

I read that PM’s noon rally speech had nothing concrete apart from slating the opposition. I let it pass like most things till I decide to discover it for myself, if I wanted to that is. Then it came through a column in The Middle Ground, a highly reputable site. I shook my head.

I realised that during intermission of mediacorp news, excerpts of goodies announced by PM during the national day rally was shown. Was that how PAP wished to inform singaporeans of their policies during this election?


I know you are state run but do it subtlely la. Last Sunday, 6th September 2015, even though PAP didnt have a rally on, yet your news was rife with PAP. On Suria, hmmph, lagi teruk. It runs for 30 minutes, and 25 minutes all on PAP.


Yes yes, this one also got bookie odds. I will not show the list of odds though. However it shows that WP will win 11 seats and SPP will wrest back Potong Pasir. Unfortunately CSJ did not make it. However after his noon rally, SDP has a slight chance at getting 51% for Holland-Bukit Timah GRC.


Its 10.36pm. I have returned home from my family day out about half an hour ago. I got to sleep soon as I have to be up and report by 3am due to this election. And as I end this post of mine, I received a text from a friend who reminds me about how PAP has been “our guardian” and “protector” for the past 50 years. He goes on saying about “nobody is perfect” and that “changes are being made”. To each his own.

The ones that is unable to withdraw his CPF monies to pay for his house or uses the available medisave to save his life wouldnt agree. The ones that are now struggling to make ends meet given their wages does not proportionately increase with cost of living may find it hard to cope. The young couples who put off having a child so soon after marriage for wishing to be financially secure (what is financially secure?). Or the one that dont mind having a child but just want one since that is all they can cope.

Or the ones being told that with both husband and wife working there would be no problem serving housing loan and yet being asked to have a work life balance and bear more kids would find it hard to manage. Did the policy “two is enough” necessitates the 6.9 million white paper? If yes, then shouldn’t I be worried about the policies of today to affect us 30 years from now?

Would better control of HDB prices help lower purchasing prices? Would better control of interest rates help lower loan repayments? Would these had enable one parent to work while the other tend to the kids? Would it had helped families have more children? I don’t know.

I feel that these elections are not really about the macro level. Its micro. I know its hard and too much to aspect but people want that human touch. That connection. That if I go to my MP, I see my MP. That if I asked for help, do not tell me to sell my house as a solution. Erase that arrogance and replace it with humility – not only for one day, being seen taking a bus and buying a fruit in the market.

Oh well, Im not a political analyst. I didnt read any manifesto or indulge deeply into any policies. I dont dissect any numbers or have a team of researchers at my backing call. I wish.

I am an ordinary layman like most. My time has past. Im gone. But as a father, Im fighting for children’s future, my grandchildren and their children. Majulah Ahmad Ali!

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