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Minister of Education

If i was the minister of education, i would have made pre-school compulsory. Since there was a lot of commentaries and opinions about getting kids to pre-school few years back, it is the right move to make. Furthermore, kids getting into primary one would not have difficulty reading, recognising numbers etc. This will ensure that collectively, each kid will be on the same footing when they get into primary school.

Primary schools are now adapting tests in the first week of the kids primary one. The reason for these tests, Maths and English, is to compartmentalise kids with similar academic ability to a certain class. Therefore with compulsory pre-school, we would minimise possibilities for kids who did not go to pre-school by virture of unaffordability.

The ministry would look into accreditating pre-schools and allow edusave to be used to pay for the fees.

Since pre-school is compulsory – which is about two years, i would scrap a primary level. Therefore primary school will only be 5 years. This will save each citizen a year especially the men who has to under a year and a half of National Service.

By the time men gets into the workforce and work their way up, they be near their 30s before they can settle down. I think its a little too old. Men and women should get married when they are in their late 20s. This will ensure that they will be able to manage their kids while growing up.

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