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Candelaria & Herman Zapp – SparkYourDream.net

Candelaria & Herman Zapp - SparkYourDream.netSo I read about Mr Herman Zapp from Bueno Aries, Argentina uprooting his family and take on the world on a road trip on a classic 1928 car. It was classic and I had wanted to take a picture and an up close look at it especially the interior. I cant remember the name of the car though.

Candelaria & Herman Zapp - SparkYourDream.netOk now, where are the keys? Hmmmm…

Candelaria & Herman Zapp - SparkYourDream.netFound it! boom boom boom boom boom boom…

Candelaria & Herman Zapp - SparkYourDream.netLook at the engine, so easy to maintain!

A couple of videos where you can see for yourself and hear conversations.

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