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Post Wedding Shenanigan

So the next day, we were activated by mummy dearest to provide darling Azizah a sent off to the grooms house – which was located at the next block. We came over at about 5pm. I was still flat that day. The knees were about to give way. I laid down most of the time.

The first video is Azizah saying thanks to the aunties, uncles and cousins. Audio is poor. I should have taken the phone out of its sleeve.

Later, at about 8pm, Azizah opened her wedding presents and none of which we could take for our own use. So we decided to let her have them.

Before we headed over to the groom’s place, we wanted to carry Azizah while she sat on the platform. During their weeding, the groom had been carried by his friends and relatives over two blocks while he sits on the platform. Base on my experience, to save Hary from future incidents where “I didnt get to do this during my wedding!”, which would cropped up during arguments although it has nothing to do with the topic whatsoever, we decided to carry her although its at the corridor.

I will endeavour to get the other videos from other angles. Azimah smsed me the next day that she laughed and laughed watching the video. I want to see if the other videos captures the aunties reactions in the background.

Next was the “loooonnnnggg” trip to the next block.

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